Superb Home Automation In The Bathroom

Many homebuyers nowadays are more inclined to technology, and as a homeowner, you need to embrace technology as well. While there is a lot of technological advancement being experienced in the home and living space, including remote monitoring and surveillance, automation in the bathroom is also hitting the headlines.

Although many people ignore the bathroom because it often comes in sight of visitors, this is a room that could add significant value to your home should you decide to sell it. While you can control temperature and lights in your sitting room with remote control, your bathroom should also be on the trend with the lasts automation technology.

Here are some aspects of automation in the bathroom.

1. Digital Faucets

Besides being tech-savvy, every homeowner has the aspiration of being eco-savvy and digital faucets make for that. From conserving water by preventing leaks and saving energy, digital taps are an excellent aspect of home automation.

These faucets offer controlled water flow in addition to digital temperature control. With infrared technology integrated into the pieces, digital taps can read a user’s presence and turn on the flow of water. Besides, some digital faucets have timers that aid in conserving water.

2. High-Tech Toilets

The modern-day toilets no longer require you to use toilet paper or your hands. And to take bathroom automation to a new level, these high-tech toilets are equipped with motion sensors that lower and raise the toilet bowl, temperature-controlled water, automatic sanitizers, and automatic hand dryers.

These toilets also boast antimicrobial, heated seats as well as LED lights for proper visibility even when it is dark. What’s even more exciting is that you could have a self-cleaning toilet in your home.

3. Refrigeration Cabinets

You’ve probably seen it in the movies, a couple getting some champagne from their fridge and taking it in the comfort of their bathtub. This is where bathroom automation has reached us. With modern-day automation technology, you can have a refrigeration cabinet in your bathroom so that you can store some of your favorite beverages and enjoy as you unwind.

4. Smart Shower Panels

Gone are the days when you would have to step into the bathroom and spend close to five minutes trying to get the right temperature to take a shower. New smart shower panels let you control water flow, water temperature, steam, as well as lighting. Some come with Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your favorite music as the warm water runs down your back.

The high-tech revolution in homes has started, and bathrooms are keeping up the pace.