Tips And Advice On How To Place Security Cameras

Are you going to buy security cameras for your business or home? Regardless of where they are going to be installed, you’ll want to learn how to place security cameras. After you read the rest of this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to do this.

The Front Door

Installing a security camera at the front door is simple, especially since you can buy a wireless camera. Simply install the camera in the spot you desire and then test it out to ensure it is working.

You definitely want to put a camera at the front door because potential burglars often come through homes via the front door, and security cameras can keep an eye out for things like package thieves or trespassers.

Make sure there is nothing blocking the camera. Obstructions will only produce unclear footage or degrade the quality of the footage. A top corner is an ideal place for a security camera.

The Backyard

If the security camera you bought or thinking of buying has a wide-lens, then install it in the backyard. If you’re placing the camera at your business, then place it in the back of the property, somewhere on the outside wall.

The main reason why wide-lens cameras should be placed in the backyard is that they provide excellent visibility of views of a larger area, therefore you can be sure you will catch trespassers and unwanted guests trying to get into your property by going through the backyard. Even if you have a wall or fence, it’s still a good idea to install a camera.

Ideally, the camera should be placed in a corner. Placing it on the wall or fence is a good idea too. You might want to place it in several areas in the backyard before settling on a single spot for it.

Exterior Windows

Placing security cameras on exterior windows is important and it is relatively easy to do. All you have to do is place the cameras on top of the window. If it’s a wired camera, then make sure you hire a professional to install it. Wireless cameras are very easy to install, but the ideal spot for them is right at the top-center of a window.

If the security camera is large, then still try to position it to the center. If you are only buying one or two cameras, then they should go on the side windows. Potential burglars will likely use those windows because they are not in plain view from the main street.

The Basement

Do you have a ground-level window that leads into the basement? If so, then place a security camera that faces the windows or the stairs to the basement. This might discourage potential burglars from attempting to gain access to your property.

That is how to place security cameras. There are other ways you can do it, but the above are some of the best ways. Also, make sure you buy quality security cameras because low-quality ones might not provide you with clear footage.