Importance of Home Automation for the Environment

Isn’t it exciting to have your full family in the house enjoying the winters and the festive season with the room heaters and the lights on? Your family and friends gather around every week to have a party and you don’t realize the problem until you see the enormous electricity bill at the end of the month.


Extra use of the room heater and the lights can make for some unexpected electric bills and it will not only burn a hole in your pocket but also hurt the environment as well. Everyone is concerned about the environment and there are steps being taken to make people aware so that they become eco-conscious. You can add your contribution too by turning to the home automation system.

Technology has played a massive part to save the environment and this is proved with the various smart gadgets that help to reduce the power consumption at large. Here’s how home automation can be beneficial for the environment:

Using smart lights

Most of the houses have incandescent lights because they are cheaper to buy but what you don’t realize is that they emit a huge amount of CO2 in the process. Moreover, they use up a lot of energy and this is harmful to the environment.

Instead, you can use smart lights that can be operated from your smartphone. In fact, there are light bulbs that also provide the details of the amount of energy it has consumed in a month. These lights can make your home energy-efficient and you can take your first step forward to protect the environment around you.

Using smart plugs

Another home automation device that will come in handy when you have too many plugged-in gadgets in the house is a smart plug. There are times when you forget to switch the TV or the computer off from the mains and that can consume energy even if you have shut them down.

This can be easily avoided when you have smart plugs in the house. It helps to eliminate the wastage of electricity by sending you notifications about plugged-in gadgets that have not been switched off totally. You can control the smart plug from your smartphone and switch the gadgets off even when you are not near.

Using smart thermostats

Thermostats are often left in their default settings so that they can control the temperature automatically. One problem with this set is that they can run longer than what they actually need to.

This automatically increases the consumption of energy even without the thermostat is not operated manually. Spend a few bucks and get a smart thermostat that will save as much as 15% of the energy while cooling and almost 10% while heating throughout the year.

They are very effective in controlling the temperature of the house according to the time of the day and the weather conditions outside.

It is high time that everyone makes a collective effort to take care of the environment. Your move towards home automation should be the step that the majority should take at large if the environment has to be kept greener.